Can Tarantulas Be Kept In Enclosures With Digital Hygrometers And Thermometers?

Keeping tarantulas as pets is an intriguing and rewarding experience, and ensuring their environment is perfect is key to their health and happiness. In this article, “Can Tarantulas Be Kept In Enclosures With Digital Hygrometers And Thermometers?”, you’ll discover how integrating digital hygrometers and thermometers into your tarantula’s enclosure can help you monitor and maintain optimal humidity and temperature levels. By using these digital tools, you can create a comfortable and stable habitat for your eight-legged friend, ensuring their well-being is always a top priority. Have you ever wondered if tarantulas can be kept in enclosures with digital hygrometers and thermometers? If yes, you’re not alone. Many tarantula enthusiasts and keepers often question whether these digital devices are beneficial or even necessary for their beloved eight-legged pets. The short answer is: yes, they can be used, but with some considerations and benefits that might surprise you.

Can Tarantulas Be Kept In Enclosures With Digital Hygrometers And Thermometers?

Understanding the Needs of Tarantulas

Tarantulas’ Natural Habitats

Tarantulas hail from a wide variety of environments around the world, from the arid deserts of southwestern United States to the humid rainforests of South America and Southeast Asia. Each species has evolved to thrive in its specific climate, making it crucial for you to try and replicate similar conditions in their enclosures.

Importance of Regulating Humidity and Temperature

In the wild, tarantulas have learned to adapt to the fluctuations in climate, finding ways to burrow or seek shelter from the elements. In captivity, however, these options are limited, meaning you have to play a significant role in maintaining optimal conditions. Moisture levels that are too low or too high can lead to health issues like desiccation or fungal infections, respectively. Similarly, extreme temperatures can stress your tarantula, impacting its eating patterns and overall well-being.

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Role of Digital Hygrometers and Thermometers

What Are Digital Hygrometers and Thermometers?

Digital hygrometers measure the moisture levels in the air, expressed as a percentage of relative humidity. Thermometers measure the temperature. Both of these tools can provide precise readings, allowing you to keep the enclosure conditions within ideal ranges tailored to your tarantula’s needs.

Advantages of Using Digital Devices

  1. Accuracy: Digital devices provide more accurate readings compared to analog ones.
  2. Convenience: These devices often come with alarms, alerts, or even WiFi capabilities, allowing you to keep track of conditions from afar.
  3. Consistency: They give you constant updates, enabling you to make timely adjustments to the environment.

Types of Tarantulas and Their Specific Needs

Desert-Dwelling Species

Species like the Arizona Blonde Tarantula (Aphonopelma chalcodes) thrive in arid conditions. For these tarantulas, maintaining low humidity and warmer temperatures is essential.

Species Preferred Humidity Preferred Temperature
Arizona Blonde 30-50% 75-85°F (24-29°C)

Rainforest Species

Tarantulas like the Goliath Birdeater (Theraphosa blondi) require high humidity levels to mimic their rainforest habitat.

Species Preferred Humidity Preferred Temperature
Goliath Birdeater 80-90% 75-80°F (24-27°C)


Some species, such as the Chilean Rose Hair (Grammostola rosea), are more adaptable and can tolerate a range of conditions, but even they benefit from stable, moderate humidity and temperature.

Species Preferred Humidity Preferred Temperature
Chilean Rose Hair 50-60% 70-75°F (21-24°C)

How to Set Up Digital Hygrometers and Thermometers in the Enclosure

Placement of Devices

For accurate readings, placement is key. Hygrometers should be placed at mid-level within the enclosure to gauge humidity. Thermometers should be placed near the top to measure ambient air temperature.


Factory settings might not always be accurate. It’s crucial that you periodically calibrate your devices. Digital hygrometers and thermometers often come with calibration guides, which can help you ensure the accuracy of readings.

Maintenance Tips

  1. Regular Cleaning: Dust and debris can affect sensor accuracy.
  2. Battery Check: Most digital devices run on batteries; ensure they are charged or replaced periodically.
  3. Software Updates: Some advanced models require occasional firmware updates for accurate functioning.
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Can Tarantulas Be Kept In Enclosures With Digital Hygrometers And Thermometers?

Practical Benefits and Challenges


  1. Health Monitoring: Accurate monitoring helps prevent health issues like dehydration or mold growth.
  2. Stress Reduction: Stable environmental conditions reduce your tarantula’s stress, promoting natural behaviors such as molting and feeding.
  3. Convenience: Many modern devices can sync with your smartphone, allowing real-time monitoring and immediate adjustments.


  1. Initial Cost: High-quality digital devices can be expensive.
  2. Maintenance Needs: Regular calibration and maintenance are necessary to ensure accuracy.
  3. Technological Limitations: Not all digital hygrometers and thermometers are created equal; some may have better accuracy or features.

Overcoming Challenges

  1. Research and Reviews: Before purchasing, read reviews and compare different brands.
  2. Shop Smart: Look for sales, bundles, or used devices in good condition.
  3. Backup Devices: Having a secondary device can help verify the readings of the primary one.

Emotional and Educational Value

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you can monitor and control the environment provides peace of mind. It ensures that your tarantula has the best possible conditions, contributing to a longer, healthier life.

Educational Opportunities

Using digital hygrometers and thermometers can be a learning tool. They offer an excellent opportunity to delve into the science of climate control, animal behavior, and even technology.

Bonding Experience

Getting involved in the meticulous care of your tarantula can enhance your bond with this fascinating creature, making your hobby even more fulfilling.

Can Tarantulas Be Kept In Enclosures With Digital Hygrometers And Thermometers?


So, can tarantulas be kept in enclosures with digital hygrometers and thermometers? Absolutely! These tools are invaluable for maintaining the ideal environmental conditions that your tarantula needs to thrive. While they come with some costs and maintenance, the benefits, such as accuracy and ease of monitoring, far outweigh the downsides.

By using these digital devices, not only will you ensure a healthy, stress-free life for your tarantula, but you’ll also gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for this unique pet. After all, the more you know, the better care you can provide. Happy tarantula keeping!

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